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Change the struggles of your life into a journey that allows you have the confidence, self-esteem, strong boundary skills, release blocks of all kinds, disband limited-beliefs and fears, understanding control issues, the missing link to forgivingness, discover your passion, identify patterns of challenges, how to turn them into something positive and discovery profound ways of manifesting.  


A publication that gives tips and techniques to transform your personal, career and spiritual life. 

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Life from Rex's view as he deals with his own challenges as well as the life changes his human is going through. How together they discover a life they both enjoy. It will leave you with a different perspective of your own life. 

My Mission

To help people over come their challenges and struggles in positive ways using the proven techniques I have applied to my life and have shared with many clients over the years with great success. For everyone's life to become enjoyable and challenges to be resolved with ease. For healing to be quick and easy with the appropriate techniques. To show others how to routinely care for themselves and become self-empowered instead of dependent on others to fix their imbalances. To hold myself accountable by teaching through example.

Trish Burrows

See what clients say about our programs.

"For years I have been frustrated……….why don’t I have the career I want? Why don’t I have the relationship I deserve? People around me seemed to move forward in life, making changes with relative ease. Why not me?  

“Powerful Breakthroughs to Empower You” with Trish Burrows gave me the answers. This 16 week course, week by week, helped me discover what was keeping me stuck. I discovered limiting core beliefs and old patterns that were blocking me from having the life I wanted.  

Each module enabled me to uncover, discover, and discard layers of old ways, and replace them with new perspectives on life. This new empowerment has given me the confidence and tools to move forward in my life.  

Trish was with me each step of the way, week to week, with phone support to help guide me through each module. Her insight and guidance helped me dive deeper when needed, and also celebrate my progress.  

Today I navigate life with more confidence, and will continue to use this empowering program to have the life I now know I can have"!

Laurie H...... Texas

"I had been in a relationship that was emotionally abusive and I didn't have the courage or knowledge to change it. I began working with Trish to rebuild my self-esteem and to set boundaries. As I improved I found my voice and expressed my desires to go to marriage counseling with my husband. Not only did I discover the 'lost' me my marriage improved". 

Brenda F.... Virginia

"I first enrolled in the free mini-course on Master the Power of Your Thoughts. I found it very helpful and wanted to go deeper, so I signed up for the Powerful Breakthroughs to Empower You program. 

The program was a journey for me, building a strong foundation as it covered the normal daily things I had experience in the past with difficulty. I learned how to deal with these common daily challenges and I was amazed how enjoyable my life became, just after the first couple of weeks. 

I discovered things about myself, how to be the person on the outside that the person on the inside needed me to be. I wish I had known about these techniques 20 years ago so could have avoided many of the obstacles I have had. I now look forward to each day, I am still applying the things I learned as I watch my life continue to get better. 

This program isn't one to put aside at the end of the 16 weeks, it will become my new way of life. What Trish teaches in this program was easy to incorporate into so many areas of my life. For the first time in many years I can say I am loving my life. Thanks, Trish, for showing me how". 

Marie S.... Canada